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Consumers (23-09-2005)

Commission publishes first annual progress report on European Contract Law and the acquis review

The Commission has today adopted the First Annual Progress Report on European Contract Law and the Acquis Review. The document summarises the progress that has been made in the European Contract Law initiative and review of the consumer acquis since the Commission’s 2004 Communication on this issue, and outlines the main related policy issues.

With regard to the preparation of the Common Frame of Reference (CFR), the report details the establishment and progress of different structures foreseen in the 2004 Communication. These include networks such as the CFR-net, Member State expert network and research network. The report also reviews horizontal issues arising from the first phase of CFR preparation, and puts forward suggestions on how to enhance the efficiency of the process. In particular, the report emphasises the need to focus CFR preparation on issues that are relevant to the consumer contract law acquis and other EU contract law related acquis.

Regarding the review of the consumer acquis, the report describes the review process and puts forward some preliminary findings on individual consumer directives (Timeshare, Distance Selling, Unit Pricing and Injunctions Directives), as well as possible outcomes.

This report is the first of what will be a series of annual reports from the Commission to the Council and European Parliament on the progress being made in this field.

The conference the Commission is co-hosting with the UK Presidency on “Better Lawmaking through the Common Frame of Reference” on 26 September 2005 in London will provide a first opportunity to gather initial reactions to the Report.

The report will soon be available at: