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Public Health (29-04-2008)

EU strengthens communicable diseases alert system.

EU strengthens communicable diseases alert system.
On 28 April 2008, the European Commission updated a series of legislative texts intended to reinforce co-ordination measures and to strengthen the control of communicable diseases in Europe. The first of these texts concerns the EU Early Warning and Response System - that is the European Union alert system for communicable diseases. A new link between the EU alert system and the international level will now bring the EU and the World Health Organisation's reporting requirements into line.
The second text updates the list of diseases subject to EU notification. New communicable diseases like the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the avian influenza in humans and the West Nile virus infection in humans are now part of a list of 47 diseases.
Finally, case definitions for the 47 communicable diseases which must be notified under EU law have been updated taking into account the newest scientific knowledge.
The Commission Decision on amending the European Early Warning System
Original decision: 2000/57/EC
The list of communicable diseases requiring notification at EU level
Original decision: 2000/96/EC
Amendment: 2007/875/EC
The Commission decision on amending Case Definitions
Original decision: 2002/253/EC
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