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Food and Feed Safety (21-04-2008)

Vilnius hosts European Commission training on road and rail border controls

A European Commission training workshop on best practices for veterinary checks in road and rail border inspection posts (BIPs) will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 22-25 April. Approximately 40 participants are expected to attend. They will be mainly officials responsible for veterinary border controls at road and rail BIPs in the EU and in candidate and associated countries.
The workshop is part of the DG for Health and Consumers' 'Better Training for Safer Food' initiative and falls within a training programme also covering veterinary checks in seaport BIPs. It is the first to be held on road and rail BIPs since the launch of the initiative in 2006. Border controls training previously focused specifically on seaports and airports.
Plenary sessions will cover EU legislation, cooperation with customs, controls and transit of animals and animal products, Food and Veterinary Office inspections and information systems such as the Rapid Alert System for Food. Participants will visit the Kybartai rail BIP and the Medininkai road BIP where they will perform exercises on practical veterinary checks and veterinary control procedures.
For more information on border inspection posts training with 'Better Training for Safer Food' please visit: