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Other Issues (14-04-2008)

Commission discloses results of consultation on Future Challenges Paper 2009-2014

Today the Commission's Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General published a synopsis report detailing the results of the external consultation on its "Future Challenges paper 2009-2014". The synopsis, along with individual contributions, is available at:
The "Future Challenges 2009-2014" paper was published in July 2007. A total of 35 contributions from various organisations, including NGOs, trade associations and individual companies from the public health, food safety and consumer protection sectors, were submitted. Contributors stressed the importance of policies formulated on the basis of sound evidence, of transparency in decision-making, of taking into account consumer behaviour in policy-making, of sustainable development concerns and of addressing health inequalities. Contributors elaborated on the key "drivers" of change and related "critical factors", as listed in the Future Challenges Paper.
Those comments will be taken into account by the Commission when drafting the final version of its Future Challenges document, and in developing four projects currently undertaken by the Commission, on 1. Consumer behaviour, 2. Sustainability and new production and consumption patterns, 3. EU health policy priorities and 4. "Data strategy" (data collection and processing) respectively.