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Consumers (04-02-2008)

The European Consumer Centres Network inaugurate the opening of centres in Bulgaria and Romania

On the occasion of the opening of the European Consumer Centres (ECC) in Bulgaria and Romania on 4 and 5 February respectively, the Commissioner for Consumer Protection, Meglena Kuneva, is visiting the two countries. The ECC-Net is an EU-wide network designed to promote consumer confidence by advising citizens on their rights as consumers and providing easy access to redress, particularly in cases where the consumer has made a cross-border purchase. Following these latest additions in Bulgaria and Romania, the Network will have offices in all Member State countries plus Norway and Iceland.

In Bulgaria the ECC is hosted by the Consumer Protection Commission at the Ministry of Economics and Energy while in Romania the ECC is hosted by the Romanian Association for Consumers' Protection. The EU contribution to these centres for the initial two year period can reach as high as 70% of their budgets.

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