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Other Issues (15-09-2005)

Maximising the contribution of science to European Health and Safety - discussion paper published

DG Health and Consumer Protection has published a new discussion paper entitled “Maximising the Contribution of Science to European Health and Safety”. Starting on the premise that “in our knowledge society, science is respected, even feared, but little understood”, the document aims to clearly set out the role of science in the work of the DG and introduce new internal initiatives aimed at maximising this role. The paper will also serve as a basis for a stakeholder discussion on the potential of, and limits on, science in the context of EU health and safety policy. The 8-page document outlines measures that will be taken to: enhance the contribution of science to DG Health and Consumer Protection’s objectives; improve risk assessment capacity; ensure that available data relevant to scientific assessments is fully and effectively gathered; and assure quality and transparency in the presentation of risk assessments. It also outlines new internal roles within the DG, created to follow up on the ideas in the paper.

All stakeholders are invited to comment on the paper, which can be accessed at: