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Public Health (27-11-2007)

Commission adopts report on the application of the Tobacco Products Directive

The Commission adopted today the Second Report on the application of the Tobacco Products Directive (2001/37/EC).

This report provides an assessment of the application of the Directive based on the information given by Member States. It also incorporates the views of stakeholders and of the European Parliament in the area of tobacco control. The report outlines potential areas for changes to the Directive to allow for a discussion with Member States and the European Parliament before the Commission submits a full proposal for amendments. Some suggestions for further development of the Directive, such as the inclusion of tobacco leaves and other tobacco plant parts in the definition of ingredients have not been discussed earlier. Others, such as further work on tobacco product ingredients or the mandatory use of pictorial warnings complement the ongoing work.

All proposed areas of action aim at progressively reducing tobacco use in order to save lives and prevent tobacco-related suffering, which is the ultimate goal of tobacco control policy.