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Public Health (20-11-2007)

Forum on Nutrition in Care Homes and Home Care: how to put in place adequate strategies

On 22-23 November an international workshop on the quality of nutrition in care homes and home care will be held in Brussels, at the MCE Management Centre Europe. This scientific conference, organized by the Belgian Food and Health Plan (BFHP), brings together the international leading experts and policy makers in the field of under nourishment with a view to identifying concrete actions to tackle this problem.
In Europe it is estimated that between 40 to 80% of residents of care homes and home care are at risk of being undernourished, even when high quality food is available. Several issues contribute to this situation: the lack of mobility, having to rely on others, physical and mental regression and financial limitations. Under nourishment dramatically increases the risk of complications, promoting deterioration of the overall physical and mental situation of the individual, at times even leading to premature death. The topics to be addressed include: the causes of under nourishment, the lack of general interest (both medical and political), the usefulness of creating a special focus for nutrition for the elderly, the need for multidisciplinary approaches and how to implement the actual recommendations suggested.
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The event was organized with the support of the European Commission, the European Nutrition for Health Alliance and the King Baudouin Foundation.