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Consumers (14-11-2007)

New Consumer Rights campaigns are launched in Cyprus, Hungary and Malta

Three new consumer rights information campaigns have been launched this autumn by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection, Mrs Meglena Kuneva, in Cyprus, Hungary and Malta. The campaigns, which will continue up to summer 2008 , aim to inform consumers about the rights they enjoy resulting from EU legislation, both at home and abroad. The Commissioner highlighted that while laws have given European citizens rights, this is only the first step towards empowering consumers: citizens need to be aware of these rights and where to turn to for further information and advice if needed.    
Furthermore, the campaigns aim to promote consumer associations, notably the Cyprus Consumer Association (CCA) in Cyprus and the National Association for Consumer Protection (OFE) in Hungary. They also want to engage the business community. Mrs Kuneva stressed that companies should not consider respect for consumer rights as a cost, but rather in terms of its potential for gaining a competitive advantage in today's free markets.
The campaigns include advertising and public relations activities, and the main themes in the three countries concern product guarantees, on-line shopping, consumer credit and package travel. Within the framework of the campaign a series of 10 to 12 fact sheets are being distributed by the consumer associations and European Consumer Centres.
Surveys showed that high percentages of the population in all three countries are interested in learning more about their rights as consumers.
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