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Animal Health and Welfare (29-10-2007)

Commission participates in international workshops to promote animal welfare

The European Commission, in line with its goal of promoting animal welfare globally, is actively participating in a number of workshops with international partners to discuss issues related to the welfare of animals.
From 29 October to 2 November, animal welfare experts from the European Commission will attend a workshop with experts from Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, to discuss welfare assessment schemes in pigs. The workshop, which will take place in Brazil, is part of the broader Welfare Quality (WQ) initiative, in which the European Commission supports the organisation of training and research in Latin America to promote animal welfare internationally and strengthen global cooperation on this issue. There has already been a similar training workshop on welfare assessment in cattle (August 2007, Uruguay) and another one on poultry will be organised for early 2008.
Another successful workshop organised by the European Commission and held in Zagreb (Croatia) was that on animal welfare at slaughter. Over 80 participants from all over the world attended to discuss such issues as welfare in slaughterhouses and welfare during culling for disease control. The panel discussion, chaired by MEP Caroline Lucas, looked at the topic "Animal welfare as an added value to trade with the EU: which perspectives?"
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