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Food and Feed Safety (12-10-2007)

Commission trains veterinarians on animal welfare standards at slaughter

A European Commission training workshop on animal welfare standards will take place on 15-19 October in Zagreb, Croatia. The workshop is part of the Commission Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General's 'Better Training for Safer Food' initiative. The training focuses specifically on the welfare of animals at slaughter and in killing for disease control purposes.
Approximately 100 participants are expected to attend the workshop. These will mainly be official veterinarians responsible for verifying compliance with welfare standards in slaughterhouses and disease control situations. Most participants will come from EU Member States, candidate and associated countries and selected third countries.
The training aims to improve participants' awareness of relevant EU legislation and international standards, as well as the scientific principles behind EU animal welfare standards. Participants should also gain greater knowledge of stunning and killing techniques used in slaughterhouses and for disease control as well as procedures for monitoring compliance with welfare requirements.
For more information on the 'Better Training for Safer Food' programme on EU standards for animal welfare, please visit: