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Public Health (08-10-2007)

European Week of Regions and Cities – Health Village

The Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO) will take part in the annual European Week of Regions and Cities to be held in Brussels, from 8 to 11 October 2007.

This year's week, "Making it happen: regions deliver growth and jobs," brings together nearly 5,000 participants, representing 212 regions, cities and other institutions and private partners from all over Europe.

DG SANCO participates as a partner of the Health Village, which will offer 10 workshops, covering topics ranging from tackling health inequalities, and public private partnerships in health, to information and communication technologies for health. The main aim of the Health Village is to stimulate an exchange of views between key stakeholders on latest developments in the health area. In particular its focus is on the need to invest effectively in health and how best to do so. Participants in the Health Village will include regional and local policy makers, EU institutions, industrialists, representatives of civil society, and public health authorities.

The European Week of Regions and Cities comes at a time when there is growing recognition that investing in health is increasingly crucial if the EU wants to become more competitive and ensure to its citizens a better quality of life. The demand for healthcare is rising, as we live longer and healthier lives, and as medical innovation is enabling us to do more to improve health. A higher number of years lived in good health will also help to drive economic growth and sustainable development for Europe as a whole. Health expenditure is therefore not a burden, but an investment in the future.

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