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Other Issues (04-10-2007)

SANCO Future Challenges paper: 2009-2014

On 21 September 2007, DG SANCO published its 'Future Challenges paper: 2009-2014'.
It provides a 'draft vision' of the main challenges that we will be facing under the lifespan of the next Commission.  It is built on the views of many SANCO officials and the input of a number of external experts. The publication takes a look at questions such as: how will the environment in which we operate evolve in the coming 10-20 years?   Should we aim for best equity-led policies or mainstream health in each policy area? How do we ensure coherence between differing global meanings of 'ethical consumption'? How do we use, identify and influence the information sources that consumers trust?
The process of drafting this paper has been largely participative and innovative. We have used scenarios during a series of workshops conceived to reflect on the core issues at stake: governance, globalisation, changing society and confidence.
The paper is now being widely circulated both at the Commission and externally. This will contribute to validate, improve and ultimately develop a common understanding of DG SANCO's vision, which will hopefully bring added value to the overall reflection on the future within the Commission.
We look forward to receiving your feedback or other comments you may have by the end of December 2007, you can send them
To consult the Future Challenges Paper: 2009-2014 and informative leaflet please view: