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Food and Feed Safety (05-07-2007)

EU trains control staff, inspectors and analysts on food contact materials

On 9-11 July the European Commission is holding a training workshop on controls on food contact materials at Groningen, in the Netherlands. The training is aimed at competent authority staff responsible for setting up control plans and inspectors of food and food contact materials premises. Around 40 participants should attend, mainly from EU Member States, candidate and associated countries. This event is part of DG SANCO’s 'Better Training for Safer Food' initiative.
Food contact materials are materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. Such materials must not transfer unsafe levels of chemical substances into foodstuffs during contact. EU legislation sets migration limits for substances released from these materials. The training aims to improve the effectiveness of official controls verifying compliance with migration limits.
The workshop includes presentations and practical exercises and has three main focus areas: EU provisions for food contact materials, risk evaluation, and the establishment and implementation of control plans.
All six workshops on food contact materials scheduled for 2007 are held at Groningen. Of these workshops, four are three-day courses aimed at competent authority staff and inspectors. The remaining two are four-day courses for laboratory personnel responsible for chemical analysis.
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