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Other Issues (04-07-2007)

Call for expression of interest in the SANCO Stakeholder Dialogue Group

The European Commission's Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General (DG SANCO) has opened a call for expression of interest for the Stakeholder Dialogue Group that will close on 27 July 2007. The Group's objective is to help SANCO improve its contacts with stakeholders. The participants will be selected on the basis of their overall working experience in the field of DG SANCO consultation processes. The group will include 20 experts from different policy areas and across Member States.
The decision to establish the Group is a recommendation issued by the Peer Review Group established in June 2006 to advise DG SANCO on how to review its experience on stakeholder involvement and how to identify best practices in the existing consultation system.
The primary task of the Stakeholder Dialogue Group will be to ensure that DG SANCO stakeholder involvement procedures are better suited to fit stakeholders' needs and to support mainstreaming best practice in DG SANCO's consultations.
Furthermore, additional issues will be discussed by the Stakeholder Dialogue Group: the definition of stakeholder representativeness, stakeholder  negotiating power, more flexible consultation deadlines the role of national platforms (especially in new Member States) as well as the role of Member States in going local.
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