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Public Health (21-06-2007)

European Mental Health Conference - Joining Forces Across Europe For Prevention And Promotion Of Mental Health

Organised by:       Department of Health, Government of Catalonia, and the
   European Network of Mental Health Promotion and Mental Disorder Prevention
Co-financed by:    European Commission
Co-sponsored by: WHO, Regional Office for Europe
The aim of the conference is to support future initiatives of the European Commission in the mental health field, building on the mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention components of the WHO 'Declaration and Action Plan for Mental Health'. Areas to be addressed by the conference will include: Scientific evidence to help steer health policies and programmes; Implementation; Financing; Building capacity and training.
The conference will be action oriented and highly participatory, being structured around numerous working sessions and discussion panels, with the aim of sharing experiences, barriers and opportunities encountered throughout Europe in implementing actions geared towards the prevention of mental disorders and promotion of mental health.
Participants: Given the inter-sectoral nature of mental health, the participation of delegates from the health, education, justice, employment, and other sectors is encouraged.
The deadline for submission of proposals for participation is: 25th June 2007.
For further information, please visit: