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Public Health (12-06-2007)

Europeans dissatisfied with information on potential EMF health risks

A survey published today indicates that one in three Europeans is concerned about the potential health risks of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). According to the Special Eurobarometer on EMF, most of the EU's citizens do not feel that national public authorities act effectively in order to protect them from the potential health risks of EMF. Almost seven out of 10 respondents mentioned that they are not satisfied with the information they receive on health risks related to EMF, while one in three feels that they are not at all informed. Television and the Press are the preferred sources of information on the potential health risks of EMF. 
The European Commission (EC) has been monitoring the potential health effects of EMF for many years. The Council Recommendation (1999/519/EC) establishes a Community framework for basic restrictions and reference levels. The implementation of protection measures is a matter for national authorities to address using, where appropriate, the European Recommendation as a basis.