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Food and Feed Safety (04-06-2007)

EU training on transmissible animal diseases and microbiological criteria in food

The European Commission is holding a training workshop on monitoring and control of zoonoses and applying microbiological criteria to foodstuffs. This event is part of the 'Better Training for Safer Food' initiative. The workshop takes place in Teramo, Italy, on 4-8 June 2007 and involves around 40 participants. Primarily, the competent authority staff of EU Member States and candidate countries responsible for official controls in these areas.
The training should contribute to harmonisation of Member State approaches to monitoring zoonoses and zoonotic agents. It should also enable Member States to oversee compliance with microbiological criteria in foodstuffs.
Zoonoses are diseases or infections that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Infection usually takes place by consumption of contaminated food or direct contact with an infected animal. Effective monitoring of zoonoses and zoonotic agents is vital in order to control such pathogens.
The EU has set down microbiological criteria with which food must comply. Particularly concerning the presence of organisms such as salmonella and listeria in risky foodstuffs.
This is the first of five, four-day workshops running within this programme during 2007. Further workshops will take place on 18-22 June in Teramo, 1-5 October in Warsaw, and 22-26 October and 5-9 November in Copenhagen.
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