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Public Health (01-06-2007)

Better information on substances added to tobacco products

European consumers and national authorities will soon have more precise information regarding the substances added to tobacco products:DG SANCO has finalised a Practical Guide for reporting on tobacco product ingredients. This creates a common yardstick for the submission of data regarding substances added to tobacco products.
The Tobacco Products Directive 2001/37/EC requires manufacturers and importers of tobacco products to submit to EU Member States a list of all ingredients (and quantities) used in the manufacture of tobacco products by brand name and type. At present the full lists of ingredients are not provided.
The Practical Guide attempts to change that through two common reporting formats: one for the national regulators, containingall information on the ingredients, and one for the general public with more limited information, as trade secrets of the industry have to be taken into account.
Although the document is not legally binding, the Commission encourages manufacturers to use it. This will enable consumers to know more about the products and national authorities to analyse and compare in a more systematic way data on tobacco products.
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