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Consumers (30-05-2007)

'Consumer policy has come of age', says Commissioner Kuneva

Mrs Meglena Kuneva, European Commissioner for Consumer Policy, spoke at the BEUC ("Bureau européen des unions des consommateurs") General Assembly in London on 24th May, highlighting that EU Consumer Policy has now come of age. The outcome of the Competitiveness Council's discussion on the Consumer Policy Strategy shows a strong commonality of objectives with EU Member States in this sector.
The Strategy is a flexible tool for years to come, built on three key objectives: empowering consumers, enhancing their welfare and effectively protecting them. Empowering involves creating the right market conditions so consumers can make informed and rational choices. The second objective, enhancing welfare, means improving the economic and non-economic welfare of Europe's consumers with regard to price, choice, quality and affordability. Lastly, protecting consumers effectively refers to market failures in the national and international markets.
Commissioner Kuneva identified the 'deliverables' that flow from these objectives. An improved consumer protection regulatory framework; enforcement and redress; better informed and educated consumers; an improved monitoring of consumer markets and national consumer policies; putting the consumer at the heart of EU policies and a better protection of consumers in the international markets. As closing remark, the Commissioner shared her vision for the future: for consumers in the Union to be provided with a comprehensive, yet understandable kit of rights and obligations, allowing them to be confident whilst exploring the opportunities that the EU-wide marked offers.
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