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Food and Feed Safety (05-07-2005)

Inaugural meeting of advisory group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health

Robert Madelin, the Commission’s Director-General for Health and Consumer Protection today opens the inaugural meeting of a new EU consultative forum on food policy matters. The EU’s Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and plant Health brings together representatives of European consumer organisations, animal welfare NGOs, the food industry, retailers and farmers. Items on the agenda of its two day meeting (5 to 6 July) in Brussels include the role of the food industry in implementing the EU’s General Food Law, measures to protect consumers from zoonoses (such as salmonella and listeria), and Commission’s forthcoming animal welfare action plan.

The breadth of the Advisory Group’s agenda reflects the Commission’s “farm to fork” approach to food safety. Its membership, which is similarly broad, aims to represent all stakeholders with an interest in the safety of food and animal feed, the food and feed labelling , human nutrition, animal welfare and animal and plant health. Its 36 members were recruited following an open call for nominations launched in the autumn of 2004. Agendas for Advisory Group’s meeting and summary reports of meetings will be published on the Commission’s Food Safety website.

The new Advisory Group replaces five existing consultative bodies – the Advisory Committee on Foodstuffs, plus the standing groups on veterinary matters, plant health, animal welfare and feedingstuffs previously attached to the Advisory Committee on Agricultural Product Health and Safety. The Advisory Group should not be confused with the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health which is a Committee composed of Member States representatives assisting the Commission in the legislative process. The new Advisory Group will focus on strategies on food safety policies and will be complemented by consultation exercises on individual subjects as is the practice today.

For more information, including the Advisory Group’s list of member organisations see: