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Food and Feed Safety (10-05-2007)

Commission runs laboratory workshops on avian influenza diagnosis

The European Commission is holding three laboratory workshops on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) diagnostic techniques at Oldenburg in Germany during May 2007. The workshops are part of the Health and Consumer Protection DG’s Better Training for Safer Food initiative. They each provide training for around 20 competent authority officials involved in food safety and animal health controls.
The first workshop takes place on 9-11 May and is for participants from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. The second, for participants from Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, is on 14-16 May. The final one is held on 21-23 May for participants from Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria.
The workshops should better acquaint participants with state of the art virological and serological diagnostic methods and techniques involving pathology and molecular biology. Participants will then be able to apply such methods in their home countries, thereby facilitating quicker and more reliable detection and diagnosis of HPAI.
One poultry expert is also being seconded to each of the nine aforementioned countries, for six weeks during 2007. These experts provide sustained training and assistance in establishing HPAI contingency plans within the framework of the FAO/OIE Global Strategy for the Progressive Control of HPAI. The work is undertaken in collaboration with the competent authorities and relevant international organisations.
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