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Consumers (08-05-2007)

Increasing stakeholder involvement in DG SANCO

On 23 May 2007, European Commissioner for Consumer Protection, Mrs Meglena Kuneva, is to give the opening address at a conference entitled "DG SANCO Stakeholder Involvement". The purpose of the conference is to share and discuss the findings and recommendations of the recent Healthy Democracy Process, an extensive stakeholder consultation procedure.
In early 2006 the Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO) embarked on a new process to increase its connections and contact with citizens and stakeholders. Known as the Healthy Democracy process, the purpose of this practice is to improve stakeholder involvement and participation in DG SANCO's decision and policy-making practice. In the long term, the aim is to establish a solid network of stakeholders and research bodies.
This conference is to present the findings and recommendations of the process, and to provide input to the follow-up of the Green Paper on European Transparency Initiative of 2006. This Green Paper consultation launched a debate on the Commission's relations with interest groups and asked for external feedback on the application of the Minimum Standards for Consultation.
The main issues to be discussed during the conference are:
- The main outcome and lessons learnt from the Healthy Democracy Process
- Stakeholder Assymetries and engaging the un-engaged
- Transparency, feedback and comitology
In addition to Ms Kuneva, the Director General of DG SANCO Robert Madelin will take part in the conference, and Mr Margaritis Schinas, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Kyprianou, will make closing remarks.
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