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Food and Feed Safety (16-04-2007)

EU training on controlling food hazards

 The European Commission has today launched the first workshop of 2007 on Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Point (HACCP), within the Better Training for Safer Food initiative. This first workshop is taking place from 16-20 April in Stratford-upon-Avon (UK). The second course will take place on 21-25 May in Porto, Portugal. Course number one deals with implementation and maintenance of HACCP-based procedures. Course two focuses on conducting audits to verify HACCP implementation by business operators. Participants are mainly Member State and candidate country competent authority staff responsible for ensuring food and feed businesses respect EU safety standards.
HACCP is a control system aimed at identifying hazards and preventing them from contaminating food and feed. Its aim is to be an effective instrument in helping food and feed businesses ensure product safety. EU law requires businesses to follow procedures based on HACCP principles. The training should better enable participants to verify compliance with such requirements.
This is the first of 19 HACCP workshops. Eight take place within course one and eleven within course two. Five workshops are to be held in Stratford-upon-Avon, seven are in Porto, five in Budapest and two in Paris. They run almost continuously, apart from a break from mid-July to mid-September, until the final workshop ends on 23 November.
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