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Food and Feed Safety (03-04-2007)

First EU training workshop for 2007 on controls at airport Border Inspection Posts

The initial EU-based training workshop for 2007 sponsored by the Health and Consumer Protection DG takes place on 10-13 April. The initiative will be launched within the "Better Training for Safer Food" programme. The workshop deals with veterinary checks at airport Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) and is being held at Vienna airport. Participants are mainly EU Member State and candidate country competent authority staff carrying out official controls in airport BIPs.
Border controls are vital for protecting public, animal and plant health. EU legislation calls for health and supervisory requirements on imports of live animals and animal products to  ensure compliance with European standards. The training aims to raise participants' awareness of best practices for veterinary controls, thereby fostering  implementation of standards across the EU.
Around 40 participants are expected to attend the workshop, most of whom will be border post veterinarians. The tutors are competent authority experts from various EU Member States and have a wide range of specialisations.
The workshop begins in the afternoon of the first day with an overview of relevant EU legislation. The morning of the second day is dedicated to presentations on aspects including customs warehouses and inter-sector communication.
Participants spend the afternoon of the second day and the third day in the Border Inspection Post. Here they take part in practical exercises covering topics such as live animals and animal products, hygiene, passenger checks and certification.
The morning of the last day is spent on evaluation of the practical workshops and of the programme as a whole. A final presentation is given on FVO (Food and Veterinary Office) inspections.
This is the first of three "Better Training for Safer Food" workshops on veterinary checks at airport BIPs to take place in 2007. The following workshops also take place in Vienna on 19-22 June and 18-21 September.
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