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Public Health (16-02-2007)

Public Health Programme - Call for Proposals opens today

The European Commission published today the annual work programme for 2007 of the Community Action on Public Health 2003-2008. Interested parties are invited to submit project proposals under this 5th Call of the Programme.
Proposals can be sent in the fields of health information, health threats and health determinants to the Public Health Executive Agency (PHEA) by 21 May 2007.
The PHEA will organise an InfoDay for prospective applicants on 28 February 2007 in Luxembourg. During the InfoDay PHEA and Commission representatives will present the priority public health topics for this year's Call, as well as the new evaluation criteria and the new electronic application form.
In addition, regional and national InfoDays are intended to be organized by the National Focal Points in Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Italy and Spain.
For more information on the InfoDays and the Call for Proposals, please visit: