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Animal Health and Welfare (15-06-2005)

Terms of Reference Published For The Community Animal Health Policy Evaluation

The Commission has published the Terms of Reference for the evaluation of the Community Animal Health Programme (CAHP). The Terms of Reference were drawn up for the independent, external evaluation team to use in carrying out their assessment of the CAHP. The document also includes background on the CAHP evaluation process and its objectives, outlines the timeframe foreseen, and explains the expected use that the evaluation will be put to.

The main guidance in the document is provided through 12 key questions, formulated around current problems identified in EU animal health policy. The questions address the following issues:

  1. The effect of rules on intra-community trade on animals and their products on the functioning of the single market
  2. The extent to which CAHP has ensured consistent actions to control and eradicate major animal diseases, and how much this has contributed to improving the animal health status in the EU.
  3. The impact and efficiency of the EU import regime on controlling animal diseases
  4. The extent to which EU disease monitoring and surveillance requirements have ensured an effective response to exotic diseases and new health threats
  5. The relevance of Community traceability rules for animals, animal products and feed
  6. The extent to which CAHP has ensured a high level of human health protection
  7. The effectiveness of Commission efforts to set up cooperation networks with Member States and other organisations in this field, and the real value this network adds to reaching CAHP objectives and ensuring a common approach.
  8. The contribution Commission services make to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Community interventions in the field of animal health
  9. The degree to which EU funding for research, scientific advice and laboratory networks have contributed to achieving CAHP objectives
  10. The adequacy of the financial instrument and level of funds available to meet the needs of the CAHP. The potential of using other sources of financing e.g. the option of an EU-wide harmonised "insurance scheme" covering the risks of livestock epidemics and the costs resulting from them.
  11. The extent to which the current CAHP addresses stakeholders’ and citizens needs.
  12. The CAHP in relation to other EU policy areas, and the level to which it supports or conflicts with them

In December 2004, Commissioner Kyprianou announced the establishment of a new Animal Health Strategy, which would better address current and new challenges in the prevention and control of animal disease. In order to look at the areas in which improvements and adjustments can be made to the current CAHP, an transparent and participative evaluation is being carried, involving all stakeholders. The objectives of the evaluation are to compare the results of the CAHP with its stated objectives, and to establish if and/or what changes to the CAHP strategy are needed. Changes could include, for example, improvements to the CAHP structure and working practices. The evaluation team should present their recommendations to the Commission by the end of 2006, and on the basis of these, the Commission will publish a Communication in 2007, presenting the new CAHP and setting out actions for 2007-13.

For more information on the CAHP evaluation and Terms of Reference, see: