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Food and Feed Safety (23-03-2005)

EU-Russia Agreement Reached on Phytosanitary Certificates

The European Commission and the Russian authorities have reached an agreement today on a harmonised system of phytosanitary export certificates for EU plant products to Russia. The deal foresees the same certificate model based on international standards being used throughout the EU, while each exporting Member State will continue to sign the certificates used for exports from its territory. There will be a transitional period of 3 months in which the old and new certificates can be used in parallel, during which time both parties will continue technical discussions on the implementation of the new certificates. The agreement follows a meeting between EU Commissioner Markos Kyprianou and Russian Head of the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary service Sergie Dankvert in Brussels today. EU-Russia negotiations on this issue were launched following threats from Russia that it would close its market to all EU plant products if a single plant health certificate was not introduced by April 1, 2005. Russia is still in bilateral negotiations with certain Member States whose plant exports it has blocked, but these negotiations are not connected to the agreement made today on a harmonised EU export certificate.

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