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Consumers (19-01-2007)

Rapex Weekly Report: Week 2, 2007

RAPEX is the EU rapid alert system for all dangerous consumer products, with the exception of food, pharmaceutical and medical products. It allows for the rapid exchange of information between Member States and the Commission with regard to items posing a potential serious risk to the health and safety of consumers and measures taken by Member States to prevent, restrict or impose specific conditions on the marketing of these products. The revised General Product Safety Directive, which entered into force in January 2004, requires the Commission to make information relating to risks to consumer health and safety posed by products available to the public. This is why the Commission publishes a weekly overview of notifications of dangerous products.
This week’s RAPEX report consists of 33 items: 16 toys, 6 motor vehicles, 3 electrical appliances, 3 lighters, 3 lighting equipment, 1 childcare article and 1 candle.
1.       Motor vehicles: Passenger airbags in Suzuki cars. Brand: Suzuki. Type/number of model: Passenger's car Suzuki Ignis 1.3 and 1.5. The recall concerns vehicles with chassis numbers from JSAFHV81S00100188 to JSAFHV81S00106203 for Ignis Sport 1.5 (RG415), from JSAFHX51S00157393 to JSAFHX51S00159675 for Ignis 2WD 1.3 (RG413) and from JSAFHY51S00153676 to JSAFHY51S00154587 for Ignis 4WD 1.3 (RG413).
2.       Electrical appliances: Steam iron. Brand: MICO. Type/number of model: Model HD 1268.
3.       Electrical appliances: Cord extension set. Brand: Contra. Type/number of model: RTD30M3EL; EAN: 5 414385 045030.
4.       Childcare articles: Baby walker. Brand: Happy World. Type/number of model: unknown.
5.       Lighters: Novelty lighters: 1. red pepper, 2. green pepper, 3. dolphin, 4. green grape, 5. violet grape, 6. nut.
6.       Toys: Ringpyramid Clown. Brand: Biltema. Type/number of model: Article 85-784.
7.       Toys: Ankpyramid (Duck pyramid). Brand: Biltema  Type/model: : Article 45-046.
8.       Toys: Rattle – 'Helistin Skallra’ Brand: Biltema. Type/number of model: Article 85-781
9.       Toys: Soft toy dog. Brand/model: unknown.
10.   Toys: Wooden puzzle. Brand: unknown. Type/number of model: 641124.
11.   Toys: Soft toy rattle shaped as a bee – Baby MaxiMo toy.  Type/number of model: No 67000-012700
12.   Toys: Dolls set ‘Little Ones’. Brand: Kid Kore. Type/number of model: No 1663
13.   Toys: Dress up and blocks box. Brand/model: unknown
14.   Toys: Growing pet crocodile egg. Type/number of model: Bar code 5 794080 800142.
15.   Motor vehicles: Passenger car – Volkswagen 'Passat'. Brand: VW Volkswagen.
Type/number of model: Vehicle type 3C, EC type-approval 1*2001/116*0307*.
It concerns vehicles from the production period March 2005 till August 2006 in the following chassis number ranges:
WVW ZZZ 3C Z 5 P 000 238 - 003 189
WVW ZZZ 3C Z 6 E 000 057 - 246 222
WVW ZZZ 3C Z 6 P 000 013 - 226 966
WVW ZZZ 3C Z 6 Z 000 019 - 000 255
WVW ZZZ 3C Z 6 9 000 001 - 000 353
WVW ZZZ 3C Z 7 E 000 003 - 052 030
WVW ZZZ 3C Z 7 P 000 001 - 036 002
WVW ZZZ 3C Z 7 Z 000 076 - 000 302
WVW ZZZ 3C Z 7 9 000 001 - 000 014
16.   Candles: Glitter candle sets. Brand: Dunnes Stores.
Type/number of model:
1. 2 Pack Glitter candles:
style No: 7701453, bar codes: white: 5099019076422, black: 5099018448961, gold: 5099018448978, red: 5099018448985, silver: 5099018448992;
2. Glitter Votive candles:style No: 7701476, bar codes: silver: 509901846170, black: 5099018464657, brown:5099018464664, burgundy: 5099018464671, gold: 5099018464688, red: 509901846469
17.   Motor vehicles: Sport utility vehicle. Brand: Daimler Chrysler. Type
Type/number of model: Mercedes Benz class G with following numbers:
18.   Toys: Set of plastic toys – Police Force no 3912. Brand: Yi Feng Toys Type/number of model: CHT 198118
19.   Motor vehicles: Motorcycle. Brand: Honda. Type/number of model: Model: SCV100 LEAD, internal code: JF11. Scooter type motorcycle, 100 cc. Affected vehicles have chassis numbers from ME4JF11A* 58009186 to ME4JF11A* 58028245
20.   Lighting equipment: Lighting chain 40 bulbs. Brand: Vidal. Type/number of model: Ref: 0217141, bar code: 8432583171419
21.   Lighting equipment: Lighting chain. Type/number of model: Ref: 08532, model: RA 50 6m, bar code: 0853201006032
22.   Electrical appliances: Vacuum cleaner. Brand: Chestron. Type/number of model: Model: CH10111, bar code: 8432433000722
23.   Toys: Toy telephones – blister pack of three toy telephones Brand: MODISH PHONE Type/number of model: Model No: V456, bar code: 8019050032246
24.   Toys: Pull-along toy turtle with butterflies Brand: DIMASA Type/number of model: Ref. 2089
25.   Toys: Whistle. Brand: AOJIE Type/number of model: No AJ0078B, bar code: 5996055200913
26.   Toys: Product: Battery operated toys – 'Eggtravaganza' battery operated singing rabbit and chick in Easter egg.
Type/number of model:
1. Item No 074/188 – rabbit Eggtravaganza,
2. Item No 074/189 – chick Eggtravaganza
27.   Motor vehicles: Passenger car – Mitsubishi 7-seater. Type/number of model: Mitsubishi Grandis 7-seater. The affected vehicles were produced in 2006 and have VINs from JMALJNA8W6Z001699 to JMBLRNA4W6Z001727
28.   Lighting equipment: Garden torch. Brand: PROGARDEN CLASSICS Type/number of model: Article No: S04000020, origin: IND 664/94055000, GENCOD: 8 711295 606342
29.   Toys: Green liquid-filled yo-yo ball. Brand/model: unknown.
30.   Toys: Blue yo-yo ball with flashing unit. Type/number of model: T-10-486
31.   Lighters: Novelty lighters: 1. corn-cob shaped lighter, 2. woman-shaped lighter. Brand/model: unknown.
32.   Lighters: Novelty lighter, wine bottle shaped. Brand/model: unknown
33.   Motor vehicles: Chevrolet passenger cars. Type/number of model: Captiva. The recall concerns 2007 model year vehicles, with VIN numbers from 6Β000257 to 7B052216
The list above is just an overview of the reported products last week.
Click here for the full details, which can be found in the weekly RAPEX report. It includes detailed information on the products and risks, the notifying MemberState, and the measures adopted to deal with the risk.
The Commission does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. In the event that further information received from a contact point regarding an already published notification leads to the modification or withdrawal of the information, the Commission will include a corrigendum or notice of withdrawal in the next weekly overview.