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Consumers (22-12-2006)

Rapex Weekly Report: Week 50, 2006

RAPEX is the EU rapid alert system for all dangerous consumer products, with the exception of food, pharmaceutical and medical products. It allows for the rapid exchange of information between Member States and the Commission with regard to items posing a potential serious risk to the health and safety of consumers and measures taken by Member States to prevent, restrict or impose specific conditions on the marketing of these products. The revised General Product Safety Directive, which entered into force in January 2004, requires the Commission to make information relating to risks to consumer health and safety posed by products available to the public. This is why the Commission publishes a weekly overview of notifications of dangerous products.
This week’s RAPEX report consists of 25 items: 5 lighting equipment, 3 toys, 4 electrical appliances, 2 motor vehicles, 3 cosmetics, 2 chemical products, 1 laser pointer, 1 air conditioning appliance, 1 clothing and 3 household appliances.
1.       Lighting equipment: Glitter Night Light. Brand: Lava Brand. Type/number of model: 9950UK, 9951UK and 9952UK.
2.       Cosmetics: Nail polish – ‘Advanced Hard as Nails’. Brand: Sally Hansen. Type/model: Type/number of model: Bar code 074170246780
3.       Cosmetics: Nail polish – ‘Diamond Shine’. Brand: Sally Hansen. Type/model: Type/number of model: Bar code 074170255409.
4.       Cosmetics: Nail polish – ‘Mega Shine’. Brand: Sally Hansen. Type/model: Type/number of model: Bar code 074170173130.
5.       Motor vehicles: Harley Davidson motorcyles, battery caddy bolt. Type/number of model: Model FD2 DYNA, 2006 model year - motorcycles built from 17 June 2005 to 6 February 2006.
6.       Motor vehicles: Ancillary equipment pulley on drive shaft in FIAT passenger cars Type/number of model: Panda, Punto, Grande Punto, Idea and Stilo cars with 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4 8V and 16V motor.
7.       Toys: Air gun target game.  Type/model: Model No 338F1; bar code: 9910308745446.
8.       Chemical products: Liquid incense. Brand: RUSH. Type/number of model: Item 1101
9.       Laser pointers: Laser pointers, brand VEGA 1800. Type/number of model: 862018000001
10.   Air conditioning appliances: Dehumidifier. Brand: Eurotools/Chigo. Type/number of model: type CFZ0.8BDc, EAN 4010206898796
11.   Chemicals: PAX rubber cement. Brand: Toolkit. Type/number of model: unknown.
12.   Electrical appliances: Straightening iron. Brand: Meijie.
Type/number of model: TJ-638.
13.   Electrical appliances: Curling iron. Brand: Sanheyijuanfaqi (on the product) AIDELI (on the packaging).
Type/number of model: CDA-888
14.   Electrical appliances: Energy saving desk lamp. Brand: AURO LITE. .
Type/number of model: HD2006
15.   Lighting equipment: Indoor lights with Christmas theme.
16.   Household appliances: Heated towel rail. Brand: Svedbergs. Type/number of model: Models 450x690, 500x690, 500x1000, 500x1600 and 370x1600.
17.   Clothing: Children’s sport track suit. Brand: HONGYUNDA. Type/number of model: Art. No 89196.
18.   Toys: Rubber erasers – a set of 10 graphite pencils with an eraswer, ruler and 3 rubber erasers shaped as a strawberrg, a lemon and a banana. Brand: NOELL. Type/number of model: P 0105 A
19.   Lighting equipment: Desk lamp (portable luminaire). Brand: IDA. Type/number of model: M-430.
20.   Toys: Binoculars. Type/number of model: CHT 219408 NO 2129.
21.   Electrical appliances: Dry iron. Brand: Eurotec. Type/number of model: EU-5560.
22.   Household appliances: Cordless kettle. Brand: SUNPOWER. Type/number of model: HL-108 (indicated on the product), GTM-132 (indicated on the packaging).
23.   Household appliances: 2-slice toaster. Brand: Loven Type/number of model: LV-37    .
24.   Lighting equipment: Portable luminaire for children. Brand: ESTO Austria. Type/number of model: Art. 56294, bar code: 9003348835960.
25.   Lighting equipment: Lighting chains. Brand: CL, Type/number of model: 31 decorative lighting chains in a variety of types and numbers of models.
The list above is just an overview of the reported products last week.
Click here for the full details, which can be found in the weekly RAPEX report. It includes detailed information on the products and risks, the notifying MemberState, and the measures adopted to deal with the risk.
The Commission does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. In the event that further information received from a contact point regarding an already published notification leads to the modification or withdrawal of the information, the Commission will include a corrigendum or notice of withdrawal in the next weekly overview.