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Food and Feed Safety (13-06-2005)

Plant Variety Office Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) today celebrated its 10th anniversary with a ceremony at its base in Angers, France. The ceremony was attended by French Agriculture Minister Dominique Bussereau, President of the CPVO Bart Kiewiet, Chairman of the CPVO Administrative Council Carlos Godinho, as well as representatives from the European Commission, the CPVO, breeders’ organisations and the examination offices.

The agency was opened in 1995, to establish and run a system for the protection of plant varieties in the EU. Since then, more than 21 000 applications forintellectual property rights have been processed and more than 14 000 Community plant variety rights granted. The protection of new plant varieties in the EU is a means of guaranteeing breeders’ interests and of securing their investments in research and development. The Community system of plant variety protection operates across the 25 Member States and is the largest of its kind in the world.

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