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Food and Feed Safety (22-11-2006)

Animal Welfare: International workshop to discuss best practice and future prospects

An international workshop on animal welfare, organised by the Commission, the Finnish Presidency, the Council of Europe and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), will take place in Strasbourg on 23rd and 24th November 2006. Participants from over 50 countries will meet to share national experiences in promoting and implementing animal welfare legislation, while also looking at how a better common understanding of animal welfare rules can be achieved. They will have the opportunity to discuss how to overcome the social, legal, economic and scientific obstacles that can hinder the effective implementation of animal welfare standards, and to exchange best practice solutions. The workshop will also address the role of international organisations in promoting and protecting animal welfare, the added value of trans-national cooperation in this area, and the ways in which such collaboration could be improved. There will be the opportunity to review the current guidelines and standards on animal welfare set out by the OIE, EU and Council of Europe, and to consider how these could be enhanced. The overall aim of the workshop is to develop ideas on how better co-ordination and consensus on animal welfare issues can be achieved, with a view to improving the  handling and treatment of animals at international level in the future.
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