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Food and Feed Safety (22-08-2006)

Conference on avian influenza and vaccination: date for diaries

An international scientific conference on vaccination as a tool for the control of avian influenza will be held from 20-22 March 2007 in Verona, Italy. The conference is being hosted by the OIE, FAO and IZSVe[1], and will be co-organised and supported by the European Commission.
The objectives of the conference are to:
  1. Explain international standards, regulations and guidelines with regard to avian influenza vaccination and trade implications
  2. Review the current methods and recent experiences in the use of vaccination as one of the tools to control and prevent avian influenza
  3. Assess the need for vaccination and its epidemiological and socio-economical consequences
  4. Exchange scientific information on the efficacy and development of current vaccines in conjunction with other prevention and control methods
  5. Discuss the decision-making process for the implementation of a vaccination strategy
For further information on this conference, see:

[1]Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe)