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Public Health (15-03-2005)

Tackling europe’s expanding waistline – platform on diet, physical activity and health launched

A European Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health was launched today by Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner Markos Kyprianou, as part of the campaign to tackle the rise in obesity in the EU. Bringing together industry associations, consumer groups, health NGOs and political leaders, the aim is to encourage all Platform members to take voluntary action to stop, and if possible reverse, the increasing obesity levels, particularly among children.

The 10 founding members of the Platform, along with observer participants EFSA and the WHO, met with Commissioner Kyprianou and MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz this morning for a tour de table on their participation in the initiative. All Platform members have agreed to devote an increasing level of resources and effort either to extended existing initiatives or launching new actions designed to reverse the obesity trend. The five fields for action identified so far by the Platform members are consumer information, education, physical activity promotion, marketing and advertising, and composition of foods. Over the coming months each of the Platform members will draw up a review of what it is currently doing to promote healthy diets and physical activity, and an action plan for further measures. Membership is open to any organisation operating at a European level that shares the Platform’s aims and that is willing to commit to action to help achieve them.

For more information on the Platform for Diet, Physical Activity and Health, the stakeholders involved and obesity statistics: click here.