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Public Health (10-08-2006)

Commission supports project on indoor air pollution caused by building materials

The European Commission has published details of a project being supported through its Public Health Action Programme that measures human exposure to air hazards emitted by building materials commonly used throughout Europe. The project was launched in April 2006, and is led by the Department of Engineering and Management of Energy Resources of the University of West Macedonia (Greece). The total cost of the project is €966,000 euros, almost two thirds of which is EU support.  
The project’s aim will be to obtain emission factors and exposure levels from building materials emissions. Building products and materials are the largest contributors of polluters in the indoor environment. The direct human health effects of indoor air pollution on the respiratory system vary according to both the intensity and the duration of exposure, and also upon the people exposed (children, the elderly and people already suffering from respiratory related diseases are more vulnerable).
The project’s output should be a major step towards gaining a better understanding of the sources of hazardous compounds in the indoor environment. The information gained through the project will subsequently be used by policy makers, health professionals and building material producers across the EU. The project will last for 3 years.
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