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Public Health (25-05-2005)

Meeting of Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health

The first meeting of the Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health since its launch on March 15 is taking place in Brussels today. Chaired by Robert Madelin, the Commission’s Director-General for Health and Consumer Protection, the meeting will be attended by members of the Platform who include stakeholders from the food industry, advertising industry, NGOs and public bodies.

Meeting Agenda
  • Introduction by the Commission
    • Welcome to New Members
    • Purpose and expected outcomes of the Platform
    • Proposal from the United Kingdom to host a plenary meeting on the 21. September
    • Co-operation EU – US
  • Baseline
    • Draft input - Work in progress
  • Commitments
    • Format, timeline
  • Mandate for the Working Groups
    (Health Lifestyle/ Consumer Information and Education/ Monitoring)
  • Nomination of members of the Working Groups
  • Applications for Membership in the Platform
  • “Sport participation in the European Union – Trends and differences” by Professor van Bottenburg
  • Any other business
Click here for more information on the Platform for Diet, Physical Activity and Health.