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Public Health (17-07-2006)

DG SANCO supports European network for modelling infectious diseases

The Commission’s Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO) has announced its support for a new European network on modelling control strategies for infectious diseases and other health threats.
The European Network on Mathematical Modelling (NEMO) will be supported through the Commission’s Public Health Action Programme.
The aim of the Network will be to develop and improve mathematical models, which would help to predict and simulate the behaviour and development of infectious diseases and their effect on society. This would help governments to be better prepared to respond in the event of a flu pandemic for instance.
The Network will be composed mainly of national experts in the Member States in the field of mathematical modelling of the dynamics and control of diseases. DG SANCO will chair the Network’s Steering Committee in collaboration with the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC). The JRC, which is based in Ispra, Italy, will also manage the day-to-day running of the project, as part of a wider programme of work on crisis management it is undertaking for DG SANCO. This includes the Health Emergency & Diseases Information System (HEDIS), which is a central hub to exchange health-related information between European health authorities, international organisations and international media. Also, the Medical Intelligence System(MedISys) is a web portal supporting DG SANCO and MemberStates, which monitors health related web sites and media every 20 minutes, and analyses the information to rapidly identify potential threats to public health.
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