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Consumers (07-07-2006)

Rapex Weekly Report

RAPEX is the EU rapid alert system for all dangerous consumer products, with the exception of food, pharmaceutical and medical products. It allows for the rapid exchange of information between Member States and the Commission with regard to items posing a potential serious risk to the health and safety of consumers and measures taken by Member States to prevent, restrict or impose specific conditions on the marketing of these products. The revised General Product Safety Directive, which entered into force in January 2004, requires the Commission to make information relating to risks to consumer health and safety posed by products available to the public. This is why the Commission publishes a weekly overview of notifications of dangerous products.
This week’s RAPEX report consists of 24 items: 10 toys, 3 electrical items, 4 motor vehicles, 6 cosmetic items and 1 torch.
1.       Toy: ironing board “Lovely BABY”. Type/number of model: 2238.
2.       Toy: clotheshorse. Type/number of model: 47091, EAN code 859 138 7470910.
3.       Electrical item: rechargeable Lantern “Hi-Gear”. Type/number of model: Model No: DL752GN.
4.       Electrical item: air humidifier “Jumbo bebe”. Type/number of model: MV-003.
5.       Motor vehicle: mini-motorbike (Quad Bike) “Jin Ling / Ling Sha - Smart Shark”. Type/number of model: BC - 04.
6.       Motor vehicle: “Panther” Mini Motor Bike “”. Type/number of model: 49cc.
7.       Motor vehicle: panther skateboard “”. Type/number of model: Item - G1 - 004.
8.       Cosmetic: cosmetic Eyeliner Rimmel Professional Liquid Eyeliner. Type/number of model: Sterling Silver 004. Three different batches with batch codes: 3126, 3224 and 4020.
9.       Toy: metallic cap pistol SUPER CAP GUN MAGNUM 357. Type/number of model: No: 2082B EAN 8592117 751057.
10.   Cosmetic: skin-lightening product “SHALINA - DIPROSON cream (glucocorticoid-based skin-lightening product)”. Type/number of model: LOT n° “MFG LIC. N° :KD-1339A, BATCH N°013 MFG. DATE 02/2004 EXP DATE 12/2008”.
11.   Cosmetic: skin-lightening product “SHALINA - DIPROSON lotion” (glucocorticoid-based skin-lightening product). Type/number of model: LOTION: LOT n° “BATCH N°SL-132 MFG. DATE 01/2004 EXP DATE 10/2008”.
12.   Cosmetic: skin-lightening cream “DPCI+ - ESAPHARMA MOVATE” (Glucocorticoid-based skin-lightening cream). Type/number of model: Batch No 219 66 MFG. D 0605 EXPD 0608.
13.   Cosmetic: skin-lightening cream “BENEKS PHARMACEUTICALS LTD- Fashion fair Cream” (Glucocorticoid-based skin-lightening product). Type/number of model: LOT n° “BATCH D0579, MFG: 10/2003 EXP: 10/2008”.
14.   Electrical item: battery charger for vehicle “Awelco”. Type/number of model: Type: Agri 30, EAN: 6 420286 003221.
15.   Toy: the cube that makes sounds. Type/number of model: 6650/EAN 4891813966500.
16.   Motor vehicle: car Daimler Chrysler AG, brand name Mercedes-Benz. Type/number of model: VITO. Description: The recall concerns vehicles built between 11.2003 and 09.2005. Affected VIN Numbers: WDF639601130128212 - WDF639815131788042.
17.   Toy: mouse on a car L15. Type/number of model: Article number 220751, EAN13 3533592207511.
18.   Toy: soft toy in the form of a teddy “Happy Garden Toy, Hong Feng Toy”; with a zip and battery holder at the back, stuffed with loose artificial fibre.
19.   Cosmetic: permanent Powder Hair Dye JET BLACK “Sta Sof Fro”. Type/number of model: Jet Black 6g; Label on bottom of bottle: 246525 09200.9.
20.   Toy: set of kitchen equipment miniatures. Type/number of model: No. 9947.
21.   Toys: five toys incuding arrows with suction cups:
- “BRUCE LEE DAGGER AND CROSSBOW SET". Type/number of model: Unknown.
- “POLICE FORCE”. Type/number of model: nº 826, ref. 3899/125509.
- “FORCE KING WEAPON”. Type/number of model: CF701, item nº GH1440.
- “BLISTER 6 ARTÍCULOS (BALLESTA, FLECHAS, WALKIE-TALKIE, ESPOSAS Y PUÑAL)”. Type/number of model: 778AB, item nº 113222095.
- “PISTOLA LANZADARDOS”. Type/number of model: Unknown.
22.   Toy: toy with insertable elements “Funny house activity toy”. Type/number of model: No. 0291.
23.   Toys: dog & frog shaped soft toys producing sounds. Type/number of model: Unknown.
24.   Torch: bamboo garden torch “Broste”. Type/number of model: model coral, ref. 14426500.
The list above is just an overview of the reported products last week.
Click here for the full details, which can be found in the weekly RAPEX report. It includes detailed information on the products and risks, the notifying MemberState, and the measures adopted to deal with the risk.
The Commission does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. In the event that further information received from a contact point regarding an already published notification leads to the modification or withdrawal of the information, the Commission will include a corrigendum or notice of withdrawal in the next weekly overview.
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