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Food and Feed Safety (30-06-2006)

Commission publishes database of Member States’ good hygiene guides

On July 2006 the European Commission published a database of about 400 good practice guides on hygiene from food and catering industries across the EU. The purpose of the database is to allow companies, professionals and associations access to best practices from around Europe. The guides bring together procedures and methods on the preparation, production, stocking, transportation, distribution and sale of food products.
The Member States that sent the most guides were Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and France. The majority of them cover the sectors of catering, meat, meat products and baking. The database received the support of Member States experts during the Standing Committee of Food Chain and Animal Health on June 2006.
On January 1, 2006, a comprehensive Food “Hygiene Package” came into force across the EU, in line with the EU’s “farm to fork” approach. Adopted in 2004, the “Hygiene Package” is a streamlined body of legislation that sets down clearer and more harmonised rules on the hygiene of foodstuffs, specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin, and specific rules for controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption.
Regulation 852/2004 of this legislation foresees the establishment of national guides to good practice, to assist food operators with programme implementation. Article 8 of the Regulation also states that the Commission is to set up and run a registration system for these guides, to be available to all Member States. Following the adoption of the legislation, the Commission invited Member States to send in their good practice guides.
Next steps
The database will be an ongoing tool, and professionals are welcome to send approved good practice guides to:
Further information
You can access the database by clicking here.
As not all of the guides are in electronic format, the database provides contact details of relevant organisations.