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Consumers (30-06-2006)

Rapex Weekly Report

RAPEX is the EU rapid alert system for all dangerous consumer products, with the exception of food, pharmaceutical and medical products. It allows for the rapid exchange of information between Member States and the Commission with regard to items posing a potential serious risk to the health and safety of consumers and measures taken by Member States to prevent, restrict or impose specific conditions on the marketing of these products. The revised General Product Safety Directive, which entered into force in January 2004, requires the Commission to make information relating to risks to consumer health and safety posed by products available to the public. This is why the Commission publishes a weekly overview of notifications of dangerous products.
This week’s RAPEX report consists of 22 items: 2 cosmetics, 3 mini-motorbikes, 1 home furnishings, 1 sports equipment, 1 lighter, 1 motor vehicle, 1 car accessory, 4 electrical equipment, 2 tools, 4 toys and 2 furniture.
1.       Lighters: Novelty lighters in different shapes.
2.       Car accessories: Tyre pressure valve. Type/model: 28PS/1.96 BAR & 36PSΙ/2 BAR.
3.       Mini-motorbikes: Type/model: Pocket bike PK1.
4.       Cosmetics: hair colours. Type/model: “Sante Naturkosmetik” in powder, various colours.
5.       Cosmetics: hair colours. Type/model: “Logona Kosmetik” in powder, various colours.
6.       Mini-motorbikes: The words ‘F.Kingdom’ on the handlebars.
7.       Home furnishings: Luminous Christmas tree “YIMEI”.
8.       Electrical equipment: Sauna belt: TV product. Type/model: 3 in 1.
9.       Toy: Toy mobile phone with sounds in Hungarian.
Type/number of model: 6108.
10.   Tool: soldering iron “Magnum”. Type/number of model: Art nr MAG 6730 079 802.
11.   Electrical equipment: Sauna belt: TV product. Type/model: “Bestseller”.
12.   Electrical item: table halogen luminaire “Lucerna”. Type/number of model: L460/L462.
13.   Furniture: Chair “NOWY STYL UKRAINE (ZAO NOVYJ STYL) (ru: ЗАО «Новый Стиль»”. Type/model: PIN 925/K02.
14.   Toy: Safety Soother Clipping Chain “CHEER”. Type/model: Code no. 908321.
15.   Furniture: Table “ACTONA Company Bringing Home Value”. Type/model: 0426822045, PO# 44162.
16.   Tool: Stone cutting disc “Work-it”. Type/model: 73516; EAN 8714892735163.
17.   Motor vehicle: car “Chevrolet Nexia and Espero” 1993-1997. Type/number of model: Nexia serial numbers 000001 to 793829 inclusive, Espero serial numbers 102171 to 990453 inclusive.
18.   Toy: Toy with light and sound and movement Type/number of model: STEERING WHEEL, 10-748A.
19.   Sports equipment: Diving regulator “SCUBAPRO® X650 Second Stage Regulator”.
20.   Toy: Swing seats “RAINBOW” sold as accessories to some Rainbow Brand play systems in the Carnival, Sunshine and Rainbow series. Type/model: Carnival, Sunshine and Rainbow.
21.   Electrical equipment: Sauna belt “BEAUTY-SZ2138”. Type/model: 6 921213 212537.
22.   Toy: Light sticks “OKUMA” Type/number of model: Bar code 4718947700257
The list above is just an overview of the reported products last week.
Click here for the full details, which can be found in the weekly RAPEX report. It includes detailed information on the products and risks, the notifying MemberState, and the measures adopted to deal with the risk.
The Commission does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. In the event that further information received from a contact point regarding an already published notification leads to the modification or withdrawal of the information, the Commission will include a corrigendum or notice of withdrawal in the next weekly overview.
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