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Food and Feed Safety (26-06-2006)

On-line magazine on the new legislation concerning the hygiene of foodstuffs now available

The Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO) has today published on its website a magazine explaining the new rules for the hygiene of foodstuffs.
On 1 January 2006, new legislation on hygiene of foodstuffs entered into force, with the aim of protecting consumers against potential risks to health. It takes into account new developments in food law, in particular maintaining a high level of consumer protection at all stages of the food chain. This approach is taken to give consumers the possibility to  make the most of the richness and diversity of high quality and safe products available in all Member States of the European Union.
To this end, the active contribution of every player involved in production, processing and distribution of foodstuffs is necessary. The priority is to ensure the safety and the hygiene of foodstuffs, while also allowing flexibility.
Until now, there have been 14 different Directives on consumer protection in food, also covering aspects such as animal health and controls. The new approach should clarify and simplify this situation, while maintaining a high level of public health safety. The approach specifically regulates food hygiene, distinguishes the responsibility of food business operators from that of competent authorities, and creates a specific framework to regulate animal health aspects. The new legal framework lays down general rules on hygiene in five legislative texts relating to all foodstuffs, as well as specific rules for certain food businesses.
 To explain this new approach to everyone concerned, DG SANCO has published this on-line ‘glossy-style’ magazine that explains and documents the new rules.
The magazine can be read in 20 languages on-line []
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