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Food and Feed Safety (07-06-2006)

Commission launches discussion on levels of vitamins and minerals in food supplements

The Commission’s Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection has launched a discussion paper to identify the issues around the setting of maximum and minimum amounts of vitamins and minerals in food supplements.
The consultation follows the adoption of Directive 2002/46/EC on the regulation of food supplements, such as multi-vitamin pills, iron tablets and vitamin-C capsules. The Directive states that the maximum and minimum amount of vitamins and minerals in these products shall be set via Standing Committee procedure (i.e. with Member States’ experts). The Commission would like to invite all interested parties, such as MemberState governments, consumer associations, producers and other interested individuals to also provide their input. 
The discussion paper can be found here.

Responses should reach the dedicated e-mail box: SANCO-VITAMINS-AND-MINERALS@EC.EUROPA.EU by
30 September 2006. Please note that any responses received could be made public.