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Public Health (02-06-2006)

Commission releases report on promoting voluntary unpaid blood donations

The European Commission has issued a report bringing together best practice in Europe on encouraging people to give blood. The report details measures taken by Member States to encourage voluntary unpaid donations and identifies the measures the Commission intends to take in order to address blood shortages in the EU.
Measures taken by Member States
All Member States have systems for collecting and promoting voluntary donations. The report lists some of the practices in Member States, such as provision of lunch vouchers, allowing time off work and awareness-raising. Promotion measures range from the production of guides and practical materials, to targeting specific groups and participating in the World Blood Donor Day. The report also underlines the necessity to share these experiences and to determine best practices.
Commission action
In the report, the Commission encourages Member States to further promote voluntary unpaid donations and address shortages. The report suggests carrying out a Europe-wide study (through the EU Public Health Action Programme) to determine best practices for promoting voluntary and unpaid donations. It furthermore proposes undertaking an EU reflection process on the optimal use of blood as a main determinant of blood stock self-sufficiency.

Click here for the online report.