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Food and Feed Safety (02-06-2006)

Public Consultation launched on Revision of Novel Food Regulation EC N° 258/97.

An online consultation on the revision of Novel Food Regulation (EC) N° 258/97 has been launched by the European Commission today. The aim of the consultation is gather input from the general public, stakeholders and Member States in order to carry out an impact assessment for a future legislative proposal to revise the current Novel Food Regulation. A revision of the Novel Food Regulation is deemed necessary in order to reflect the fact that genetically modified (GM) food no longer falls under its scope, to create a more favourable legislative environment for innovation in the food industry, and to better facilitate both internal and external trade in foodstuffs. The consumer would also benefit from a wider choice of safe novel foods. In order to proceed with the revision of the Regulation, the Commission shall undertake an impact assessment on the changes in the present legislation. In line with this, the Commission is seeking feedback on how to create a more streamlined authorisation procedure (including the decision) which takes into account, for example, particular needs of traditional exotic food from third countries and which is adjusted to applications which cover several food uses. The consultation will run for 8 weeks, until 1 August 2006.

Click here for the online consultation.