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Food and Feed Safety (19-05-2006)

EU Plant Variety Office holds seminar in Poland

The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) in close co-operation with the European Commission and the breeders’ organisations, organised a regional seminar on the “Enforcement of plant variety rights” in Warsaw, Poland on 11-12 May 2006. Over 140 intellectual property practitioners attended, from Austria, the CzechRepublic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.
In his concluding remarks, CPVO President Bart Kiewiet praised EU legislation on plant variety right protection and said: “The enforcement of EU plant variety rights is a shared responsibility of all those involved – from the title holders and breeders, to the competent authorities in the form of the EU, national legislators, the judicial authorities and the CPVO”. He said all players should do everything possible to make sure these rights are adhered to through the following means:
o        The breeders should act against infringements with the available legal means.
o        The legislator should create adequate civil law and penal provisions to enable effective enforcement.
o        The judicial authorities should create an effective judicial environment to deal with infringement cases.
o        The CPVO should provide a solid basis for protection through high quality technical assessment of applications.
o        The CPVO should continue to inform interested circles, breeders, producers, farmers, judges, prosecutors, authorities and government officials of the implications of EU plant variety protection.
o        The EU has already taken important legislative initiatives which, once implemented in national legislation, will give breeders effective tools to enforce their rights
The Warsaw seminar was held to raise awareness of problems and solutions on the enforcement of plant variety rights in the new Member States of the European Union. The CPVO intends to organise a similar seminar in autumn 2006 in Spain, aimed at countries in the southern part of the European Community.
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