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Food and Feed Safety (18-05-2006)

Community Plant Variety Office registers its 25,000th application

The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) announced today that it has registered over 25,000 applications for EU plant variety rights.   The CPVO was set up in June 1995 to grant pan-EU intellectual property rights for new breeds of plants. Since its establishment, the number of applications received by the CPVO has grown annually. To date, the Office has granted more than 17,000 Community plant variety rights of the 25,000 applications it has received.
The CPVO provides exclusive industrial property rights for new varieties of plants at EU level. These rights are valid throughout the EU. Property right protection is generally granted for 25 years (or 30 years in the case of vines, potatoes and trees). Ornamental species account for the largest number of applications (more than 61%), followed by agricultural species (some 22%) and fruits and vegetables species (more than 16%).
Until 1995, there was no protection system for plant varieties on an EU scale. Breeders who wanted to market their varieties throughout the EU had to file separate applications for plant variety rights in each MemberState.
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