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Consumers (11-05-2006)

Consumer rights

The month of May will see EU consumer rights awareness-raising campaigns on television screens across the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. The first TV commercials on package travel were aired as of this week.  Further TV-spots on consumer rights in  internet shopping and consumer credit will be shown throughout the rest of this year.
The aim of the information campaigns in new Member States is to help inform consumers of their rights, and to promote national consumer associations as a source of information and advice. The campaigns encourage consumers to be active and assertive, and to join consumer associations. They also let consumers know that they can enjoy similar rights at home and across the EU.  
The campaigns are being carried out in close partnership with national consumer associations. In each country, these partners publish a set of fact sheets on consumer rights in areas of key concern. A series of four awareness-raising events in each country will aim to spread the consumer rights messages further.
A similar campaign was carried out last year in Poland. Campaigns are planned under the consumer policy programme 2004-2007 for each of the new Member States. In 2007 campaigns are planned in Hungary, Cyprus and Malta.
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