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Food and Feed Safety (05-05-2006)

Plant Variety Right - Warsaw seminar on rights enforcement

The EU’s Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) is organising a seminar in Warsaw, Poland on enforcement of plant variety rights (intellectual property rights relating to breeds of plants) on May 11-12, in coordination with the Commission’s Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection. The seminar will aim to share information and experience on the enforcement of plant variety rights in Austria, the Baltic States, the CzechRepublic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.
Some 140 participants are expected to attend, particularly intellectual property practitioners specialised in plant variety protection in these MemberStates, but also breeders, lawyers, judges and government representatives dealing with enforcement. Workshops will focus on problems faced in the ornamental sector and in the agricultural sector with regard to saved seeds.
The conference comes after a seminar in Brussels in October 2005, organised by the CPVO in conjunction with the European Commission and breeders’ organisations. This seminar established the pressing need to raise awareness of relevant legislation on the ground in Member States, to help breeders enforce their plant variety rights. The CPVO is planning to hold future seminars in other EU regions. Further details will be available on their website in coming months.
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