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Food and Feed Safety (25-04-2005)

EU Detection Method for BT10 Maize Validated

The event specific method for detecting the GMO Bt10 has been approved by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), which is the Community Reference Laboratory for GMOS. This method should be used for tracing the presence of Bt10 maize in commodities. Following the US authorities’ notification to the Commission that Syngenta’s unauthorised Bt10 may be inadvertently exported to the EU, the Commission took a decision on April 18 2005 to implement emergency measures requiring certain maize feed products from the USA to be certified as free from Bt10. Syngenta proposed the detection method to be used to test imports, which was then validated by Genescan and following in-house laboratory testing subsequently certified by the JRC to become the EU official method for BT10 detection.

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Click here for the JRC validation report

For the press release on the EU Decision to take emergency measures to test US maize, see: IP/05/437