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Food and Feed Safety (20-02-2006)

Public Consultation launched on fruit propagating material and plants intended for fruit production

An online consultation on the marketing of fruit plant propagating material and plants used for fruit production has been launched by the European Commission today. The aim of the consultation is to gather feedback on how EU legislation for these products can be upgraded and improved. In particular, the survey asks how the current legislation could be simplified in order to make it more accessible and easier to apply, and how definitions (e.g. categories, types of material) and conditions for marketing fruit propagating material and fruit plants in the EU could be clarified. This online survey is part of a wide consultation which the Commission has been having with stakeholders on this issue since 2001. The feedback received will help in the future amendment of current EU legislation on fruit plant propagating material and plants used for fruit production. The consultation will run for 8 weeks, until 21 April 2006.

Click here for the online consultation